The Garrard and Flack brand was formed in 2015 by school friends Edward Garrard and Liam Flack, both just enthusiasts for becoming cricket bat makers, starting the brand from scratch within Ed’s family home workshop where it still continues to trade. Edward and Liam created many bats for family and friends before moving into sales to players from their local cricket teams.
 From 2016, Edward pushed forward with the brand and what he had learnt, expanding the business to be fully self sufficient in every stage of the bat making process. Edward’s main aim is to provide a fully customised service providing each customer of Garrard and Flack with a very unique cricket bat. The brand now employs Edward as the full time bat maker, the Garrard family workshop has had numerous extensions to provide more workshop space and a shop for all of the brands finished stock bats, pads, gloves and accessories. 
Every bat manufactured at GARRARD & FLACK is a custom made to order , carefully selected and handmade in Suffolk using top grade willow, sourced from Foskett Willows Our head bat maker Edward Garrard takes great pride in each individual piece of willow, optimising its presence and performance. 


 The manufacturing is the heart and soul of the company, handcrafted from the cleft to the finished bat. maximum care and attention to detail allows us to provide an excellent performing and glass like finished bat. 

The individual pressing is the key to high performing cricket bats, each bat is pressed slowly and individually allowing us to carefully judge the density and structure of the willow, pressing each bat to the required level, providing the excellent performance we offer. 

For more information on any custom products or equipment please feel free to contact Ed at the workshop : info@garrardandflack.com